collective singularity

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thanksgiving wishbone

i am green,  as to discover gold
suffering,  as to know compassion
..i forget, in honor of remembrance
i will always doubt, for sake of possibility
(surround me all uncommon, so that i might belong)

peace came inside this paradox

just out of the . . . b l u e . . .
between beyond the next: “next”

the universe expands. . . :  
making fist of bone and  ‘ I ‘  of stone persistently less significant

within that (what) and This, which seem to matter most

( i          br e  a   t    h      e           ))                        ) )


in tune with what can not be told:
of Dawn and Hope and Best

i know nothing better still,  reflecting only yet

i honor this

washed up sea-glass dream
skipped across an ageless tide.. .  .   .          .                  .

slipped inside a nameless grace to rest where never ends

when i am in that place in (me) and you are in that place in (you)
there is only one of us


©caitlin ann easter, 2001

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