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My Goal:

I am actively seeking a LITERARY AGENT  to champion  my first TWO completed books. Book One:  Sworn  &  Book Two: Stolen Breath are presently formatted together in one volume, The Ark of Traeadon: Reason  (343,686 words total).  Reason begins this psyche-engaging, myth-reinventing,  genre bending future earth yarn. The Ark saga bridges high-fantasy with science-fiction, heart-song and horror. The plot is sufficiently fleshed out for both prequels and sequels (including a Richard Adams-esque wolf perspective story).  More than twenty years have lent relative texture to this world and to my characters.

I am the modern fantasy fan. The Ark of Traeadon  progressively speaks to the need for new plausibility drenched in real magic.


Traeadon-map (for web-RGB)
Map of Traeadon (graphic design by d. w.  pinney & myself)

Reason is polished and with each new chapter of Mettle (Vol. II),  I become more enthusiastic about sharing the story. I am flexible as to how– as ten (or twenty!) shorter books, in consolidated volumes, etc.  I will be a happy client to agent and editor, eager to work and hone the best possible product.

Reason (Volume I) is now available for e-readers (ePub, PDF and Mobi formats). Contact me for details.


Working Cover:

Reason Sun Moon COVER (6x9 US Trade)
Temporary cover for limited print / Lulu — (Summary needs edit and I am open to a complete redesign!)

About me:

I live very simply. Home is with my three two constant fellows:

Doug,  Sgt. Obadiah Bandersnatch (RIP Obi-Dog, 2002-2017) and Orson


Presently we roost in Southern Arizona.

Photo: d. w. pinney

I am a lover of nature (especially interactive critters), music, kindness, food, fiction and progressive social justice.

I am the mother of two brilliant, self-reliant, accomplish-ing young women.



We are a musical bunch– we all sing, sometimes together and that is a favorite joy.  (The name of my future band is: The Five W’s and How!)

Art piece of my tattooed right palm: I Ching Hexagram #16 Yu: Enthusiasm, “Proper enthusiasm opens every door.”
spinning-top freely associating.org
Science and spirituality have brunch at least twice a week in my heart.



I love fantasy where it teases truth.  Fantastic friends, please be your authentic selves—clumsy, odd, frail, intrepid, whip-witted, pissed-off— so be it.  

(That said: It is extraordinarily beautiful to witness conscious grace.  Here, there will be nothing to prove.  It is apparent when intelligent people prioritize being kind over being right or ‘best’.)

My Work:

I am working on ‘the platform’ to please someone I have not yet met– maybe you!  I am also writing new pages, in brand new chapters of  book three, in Mettle, Vol II. (I’ll be  formatting ‘Volumes’  for  The Ark of Traeadon series, until someone shakes me by the shoulders and says out loud: “Caitlin, you can’t.”)  Book three is called Quicksand Shadow– I have five+ chapters polished (80k+ words). I honor my best element by working new pages, I do go off radar for long stretches.

Connecting with a creative collective is essential, like air and sun and gravity.  I have amazing friends– whether you are pinchable, or make believe, or  making believe: I love you, really.

Digital StillCamera
Books, keeping good company.


My Amusement Park:

I sneak in a poem as the need insists, as well as open invitations to discourse—wax on/off & all about philosophically, please.



About “.comPassion ”  (#dotcomPassion):

Love is a verb.



Dear humans, 2015:

The ‘world’ according to now aches, on many levels,  for our conscious graces. I trust that if you are keen enough to be reading this here, you are not at all ignorant about our suffering world community, or the environmental peril besetting our beautiful planet.

Earth provides all conscious beings with highly personal experiences, I will deem none of them greater than or small; none of them are disposable. We have earned (as a species) the consequence of  true sorrow– I do not consider it a curse to feel it, fully. It is a heavy weight. Please, please  do help me lift it:  It has been a real rough spell for earthlings. We need to encourage one another, our strengths and gallantry.

We all can and must choose better. I will claim this honor of choice for as long as I have breath.  I believe in humanity’s expansive, empirical capacity. We learn, we do better, we gut-up: we evolve.

When digested, mindfully, everything teaches– AND, yes, sometimes ‘everything’ teaches horror and pain.  I won’t push  sappy platitudes.

a) Does the resiliency of the human spirit vary according to the different tools gained with lifetime’s experience?

b) Do we all contain the  same possibility–the same conscious ‘spark’– to transcend our worst circumstance?

(I make my guesses, usually in fiction, so as to pin it on that character’s mind! 😉 )

Truly, I don’t know. (Sober) I won’t ever claim to.  Faith does play peekaboo with me–whenever I have doubted just enough… so it seems: enter wiser characters with fancy names.  Caitlin Ann, Caitlin, Cait or Caiti-Lou –whatever you choose to call me:  she is written in the agnostic key of c minor, ever teetering on belief.

I PROMISE YOU:  It is not my place to judge anyone’s evident wealth or apparent deficiency.

c) What are you  learning?

I want to rally back as many, to regroup for recompense, wiser, stronger. 

Every breath gives waking life new choice.

We are conscientious humanity.

We can and do and should heal each other.

To become  a warrior of Grace on cyberspace, please meet there and  pass it on.  Tweet: #dotcomPassion. Follow @eastercaitlin

In the early 2000’s on MySpace (post-911) I coined and advocated:  “.comPassion” (that’s dot compassion).  Simply, a compassionate collective, connected via the internet.   I am  equal parts introverted and extroverted, and especially grateful that this ‘advanced’ tech-era  allows me to participate with others from both facets of my being.

Your role doesn’t have to be time consuming, or loudly shouted, or impossibly expensive. Today it is easy for anyone to take part in good works.

Our only world has gaping, open wounds– this cannot be ignored or denied. We weep for peace. We ache to heal the planet’s fragile environment–we are out of balance.

It’s okay to need hope.  (I disagree with those who say hope is not essential or fruitful.)

I would say: Please just hope …with all your heart.  Embrace it, be it, give it.   #Hashtags are the meeting hall. Bombard social media with a force for evolutionary consciousness. If you are here reading this, you have every tool needed to wisely wage your kindness power:  have conscious mercy. If only by sharing a petition, be active, every little bit put together can help a lot. (Exponentially)))

I am the writer of a fictional future—but my heart belongs here:  in  and to this  precious  world.

#dotcomPassion let’s be kind–all at once– see what happens.


Cait in office


I’m so grateful for your time!


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Caitlin Ann Easter (Facebook Author Page)

facebook : caitlin ann (poems & social action)

Twitter : c minor @eastercaitlin

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  1. We belong here: in this small world after all, with unfathomable horizons. We belong here: on our tiny blue planet, beneath a healthy blue sky, orbiting some 93,000,000 million miles from a life sustaining star, a relatively small star in the Milky Way, one of the larger known galaxies– in a universe vast beyond explanation. We are home inside a universe that is likely relative in size to one molecule in an infinite sea of more… even so, more so: we belong here. Please care, as much as humanly possible.

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